ChrisDonkinHypnosis/ The Quantus Effect, we use a mixture of EFT-NLP-Hypnosis-Hypnotherapy-Psychotherapy and Reiki. To help almost all change any unwanted habit, behaviour, whether emotional-mental or Physical. By accessing the Sub-conscious mind and energy system. Call us any time to find out more.
I have been successful in helping others stop smoking-Addiction-anger management-Business Skills-Confidence- weight loss- Anxiety-stress-motivation-Sports improvement etc.

i have a NLP Practitioner Lv3 Btec of which I am currently one of only a handful of practitioners to hold this type of qualification.
I trained in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy with Hypnotic Word. I am a Reiki Master in multiple modalities.. EFT, Q-EFT.
NLP Master Practitioner, I have trained with some of the best in the industry.


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