Why Us

The UKBCH – United Kingdom Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy Certifies Hypnotherapists not just in the UK but Internationally too.

You will have peace of mind booking a session with the practitioners listed in our directory because we have checked their training, certifications and experience.

All our certified members abide by the following:

1.They MUST be trained in Hypnotherapy and show us evidence of their training.
2.They need to be a decent human being and treat their Clients and Colleagues with respect.
3.They need to follow all laws of the land in their Country regarding the use of Hypnotherapy and in General.
4.They will not embark on a relationship with or date any clients.
5.If suffering from Mental Health issues, they will seek help and agree not to Practise until they have made a full recovery.
6.If we receive a complaint from a Client or Colleague regarding their behaviour in Practice or Conduct towards other Colleagues we will investigate the complaint to the best of our ability and if we uphold the complaint we reserve the right to immediately terminate their Membership with no partial refund due.

In the very unlikely event that you have need to complain about one of our members you can email us :-